I’m back!

Hello to all my followers! I’m happy to see that you are all still with me and that I’ve picked up a few more lately. I know I’ve been gone for a while doing some career changing, but I’m back now. I’ve completed writing Sweet Dreams, and had a change of heart about some scenes during editing, so I’m re-working those now. I’ll keep you posted when it’s due out.

I am also starting to rework some of my older flash fiction, making it reflect my growing talent and skill, as well as writing some new shorts. I will post these here in the blog. In addition, I’m in the early stages of my next horror novel and cleaning up a NaNoWriMo draft that will be my first thriller novel.

There are lots of things going on, so stay tuned! In the meantime, both The Guardians and Cemetery at Devil’s Bend are still listed at the sale price. If you take advantage of this offer, all I ask is that you remember positive reviews or constructive criticism are always appreciated.



Welcome to My Nightmares

I am a new horror writer with an affliction that leads to the creation of horrific nightmares in my head. Some of these are novel material and some are worthy of short stories. And then there are some that come and only need a small space to unleash their torment. Those are the stories you will find here.  My stories are not pretty. At times you will be left with an uneasy feeling, and other times you will be left completely horrified. Many people ask why I write horror. My reason is simple. I am done dealing with the nightmares in my head. It is time to set them free to wreak havoc on you. Enjoy!